to Navasota

Submitted by Ben on Tue, 01/11/2005 - 09:45

Today was hot and humid.  I had to put everything away damp, and the laundry didn't even start to dry until midday when the sun came out.

There were a lot of vultures along the road today, but aside from that the ride was pleasant, following a lot of back roads with hardly any traffic (which made the vultures a bit more unnerving!).

Because of the heat, and because I ran out of the foods I was craving, I was very tired by afternoon.  My plan was to ride into Navasota (the only town I would pass through all day), get groceries, and then ride two hours south to a campground I knew of, but I was so tired I was tempted to get a hotel room instead.

Then, on the way into town, I spotted a city RV park beside the little municipal airport!  I set up camp and then rode without my trailer (zoom!) into town for groceries.  My only neighbor in the park introduced himself; he's living in his parents' RV because his wife kicked him out.  He says that I'm the fourth bicycle tourist to pass through this month.

45.7 mi