By Ben |

This morning I called Mom & Dad expecting their big news to be Grandpa's coming to stay with them, but the big news was that Mom has just been diagnosed with chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL).  I took Kenny for a walk and we had a good long talk.

In the afternoon, Brigitte came to pick me up, and we went to her place near the UT campus.  It's called Entropy House, and it formerly belonged to EarthFirst! and has all kinds of radical slogans all over its walls.  The current residents differ in their political fervor, but such a place selects a certain type of person.  Brigitte invited me to stay over so I'd be close to the action in downtown Austin, but I took a raincheck... later she told me the place has rats and more than half her housemates have a staph infection.

We went for coffee and a walk and then returned to Entropy House, where one of her housemates was packing for a five-week trip to Spain.  She (the housemate) has an extensive library including some books on permaculture which I borrowed.  Brigitte says she wants to leave Entropy House, but she's having trouble getting a job.