To Crown Point

Submitted by Ben on Sat, 05/21/2005 - 09:47

In addition to the mountains, I had to contend with a stiff headwind all day, but I made reasonably good time.  Lake Champlain looks to me like an artificial lake, long and narrow with steep shores and little evidence that the water level ever deviates, but apparently it was here when the first European explorers arrived.

I passed through the town of Ticonderoga, which has a living-history fort and a beautiful waterfall and a rich history and a lot of motels attesting to tourist traffic.  It also has a paper mill.  I sincerely hope the wind doesn't shift overnight!

I was planning to stay at a state campground down the road from Crown Point, but Crown Point has an inexpensive city campground, so I decided to stay there instead.  It won't add more than about 2 miles to tomorrow's ride.

32.3 mi