By Ben |

Today was market day - not just the usual Saturday farmer's market, but a harvest festival with artist stalls and demonstration booths and live music.  We got up early to bring in the harvest, but the lettuce had frozen overnight, so we  had to wait for it to thaw before we could pick it.

Brian and I went to Vedic City, a nearby organic farm, and picked the last of their field peppers to sell.  They have huge greenhouses full of produce as well, so they can keep growing and selling all winter.  I wish I had gotten a photo of the inside of the greenhouse -- the rows were so long and narrow that they looked like they went on forever!

The market festival was a blast: probably two dozen farmers and bakers, most of them organic, plus the artists and musicians and lunchtime food booths.  There were also people demonstrating how wool is processed "from sheep to shawl" and how cider is made.  The finished cider was sold for $2 a quart, and it all sold.  Since so many of the farmers knew each other, everyone started selling each other's stuff... it was chaotic but I suspect very profitable.  I spent way too much money myself.

Afterwards we returned to Lonnie's place and I did some laundry to take advantage of what had become a warmish afternoon.  I tried to do some work on  my bike but found that Lonnie didn't have the tool I needed (a cone wrench), so I went to town to buy one and wound up going to Wal-Mart for longjohns and to Econo Foods for Sweet Obsession chocolates.  Mmm.