To Murphys', Ann Arbor, MI

Submitted by Ben on Wed, 09/01/2004 - 00:00

I woke this morning to find that a heavy dew had undone all of yesterday's careful drying. I knew it would be a short ride into Ann Arbor, so I got coffee and waited for the sun to rise and dry the tent again. Got on the road around 10:00.

The ride into Ann Arbor was fairly quick and uneventful; I got in a little after 3. Stopped to use a phone book and was able to get my bearings very easily; found a library, a bookstore, and a photo shop to make some postcards, and I still got to the Murphys' house early.

Anne and Bill's place backs up against a forest that's kept wild for use by University bio students, so they get lots of wildlife in the back yard but can always go for nice walks! I walked around in it while waiting for them to get home from work and nearly got lost. We went for dinner at a deli that's known for its corned beef sandwiches, but like a fool I ordered smoked salmon instead and was kind of grossed out. Then we walked around downtown and got chocolates for dessert. Bill and Anne are headed for Worldcon in Boston tomorrow morning, so I was lucky to catch them!

Total distance: 31.57 mi


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