to Sand Hill, MO

Submitted by Ben on Mon, 10/04/2004 - 00:00

I bit off more than I could chew today... the maps I had made it looks like one day's ride from Fairfield to Sand Hill, but it was more than that, at least with the wind and hills I encountered.  I was getting anxious about the time before I was even in Missouri, so I called ahead to Sandhill Farm and they assured me I could sleep in the barn.  Encouraged by the thought of at least three walls and some haybales, I pedaled on.

The sun set while I was in Memphis, MO.  I stopped for groceries and got a hot meal from the store's deli, which hit the spot.  Then, with only my dim lights and the stars to cut the darkness, I headed out of town.

I had never navigated by the stars before, but this was the perfect night for it.  The sky was totally clear, and since I was going south I watched Saggitarius pour tea while I rode.  The road had recently been paved and straightened, so it was easier going than I expected.  The nighttime sounds and smells were a delightful change from daytime riding,

I had some trouble finding the right turnoff in the dark, but I finally pulled into Sandhill Farm around 10:00.  The barn they directed me to had only two walls and a course gravel floor, so I found the smoothest, warmest spot I could and bedded down for the night, trusting that things would improve with daylight.

total distance: 57.15 mi

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