By Ben |

This morning Natalie was still sick and cantankerous, so Jimmy stayed home to take care of her.  Rain was falling pretty hard, so I wasn't in a hurry to leave either, but I did around 8.  The rain continued nonstop until I got to my campsite around 3, and was intermittent after that.

Because of the rain, I only stopped when I found shelter, which wasn't as often as I would have liked.  The new seat position put more strain on my Achilles' tendons, so they began to hurt even as my knees showed dubious progress.

Cedar Hill State Park is just south of the metro area, and alas it's close to a highway, so there's a lot of racket.  When I checked in I made sure I got a site with a shelter over the picnic table (not knowing the rain would soon stop) and that ice was available for purchase (not knowing the shop that sold it would close early due to the weather).  I got a real shock: Texas state parks are expensive!  Not only did they charge me $18 for the night, but their day use fees are $5 per person, not per car, so I had to pay that as well, making the total even higher than a Michigan state park!  And unfortunately it looks like most of my camping options between here and Austin will be state parks.  But there won't be many of them... I could get there as soon as Sunday.

15.3 mi