By Ben |

I woke this morning feeling exhausted.  I had gone to bed early, having stayed up late the previous two nights with Chris and Jimmy, but what with the insects buzzing around my mosquito-netted head all night I hadn't slept well.  When I looked in the mirror, I saw that the mosquitos had bitten all over my forehead, so in addition to having freckles, I now appear too have acne!

I puttered around for the better part of an hour in a toxic daze before I remembered I had had beans at lunch yesterday!  Armed with that explanation for my malaise, I was able to get my act together at last.  If I have this condition long enough, I'll eventually work out a system to remind myself when it's been 18 hours after eating legumes!

Due to the late start, I didn't make it all the way to Dinosaur Valley State Park.  I got to Cleburne around 3 and stopped to chat with a computer dealer who let me use his dialup line.  I decided to ride to Cleburne State Park, which looked closer -- on the map.  An old lady in a car who pulled over to ask about my bike tried to discourage me from going to the Cleburne park, but I headed there anyway.

It was farther than it looked on the map.  Much farther.  I arrived after all the staff had left for the night, so no ice... but I did rig up a clothesline inside my tent so I could at least elevate my legs during dinner and bedtime.

I think the key to taking better care of myself in these last few days before Austin will be to plan on fewer miles, so that I'll have time to get the ice and other supplies I need.

49.3 mi