By Ben |

Today I passed through practically every extreme of weather... flooding, fog, cold, heat, dry air, humidity, hail, high winds, driving rain, gentle rain, and sunshine.  Through most of this I was in pretty heavy traffic with no shoulders.

At the end of it all I arrived in Jollyville, which as Marisa had warned me is a long way from Austin proper, and pretty firmly in suburbia.  Rich and Gloria Bennett's house is inaccessible except by climbing a very steep hill, one way or the other; they directed me up the less steep way, which was still almost more than I could handle with the trailer.  Their home is very nice and very spacious: they're trying to convince Matt to come for Christmas as well as Marisa.

The high point of my day, besides arriving at my destination, was hearing an ad on the radio for The Bar Stool Company that sounded almost exactly like Weird Al's ad for Spatula City!  Don't forget, they make great Christmas gifts!  And what better way to say "I love you" than with the gift of bar stools?

46.9 mi