By Ben |

I waited for dawn to wake me this morning, since I knew I had a short day of riding and my taillight is broken.  The rain held off until about 10 or 11, and then it fell practically nonstop until I reached my campsite after 3.

The campground is completely flooded... what ground isn't underwater is thoroughly saturated.  Fortunately each site has a big concrete slab with a picnic table and a generous shelter, more than twice as big as I've had at other campgrounds.  I found a site where the table wasn't chained down and lifted the table out of the way so I could pitch my tent on the concrete.  The concrete is damp, but at least it's not sopping!

Naturally the rain stopped once I had my tent up, but I trust it'll start again during the night.  It feels good to be warm and dry, even if my clothes do smell.  I'm going to wash all my clothes first thing when I get to the Bennetts'!

39.7 mi