By Ben |

The high point of today was passing through Crawford, Texas: "Home of the Pirates, President George W. Bush and First Lady Laura Bush."  Oh, so they're pirates!  That explains a lot.  I have this vision of W dressed in pirate garb, saying, "Avast there!  Hand over yer booty ur prepare ta be barded!  Are ye with us or against us?  Arr!  Bring it on, ye scurvy evildoers!"

Anyhow, I made good progress today, and the only question was whether to make today or tomorrow the short day... after listening to the forecast -- rain and more rain -- I decided tomorrow should be the short day, so I pushed on to the southern part of Belton Lake, near Temple (and Belton).  The rain started about an hour before I got to the lake and was really going at it as I bought my site, but when I got to the site I found a cozy shelter over the table, so I set up there.  Doesn't sound like I'll have trouble with mosquitos this time!

52.6 mi