By Ben |

For some reason time seemed to pass more slowly today than usual.  I took my time leaving Ken & Kathy's place in order to say goodbye to everyone properly, and then I kept seeing interesting stores on the way out of town.

Once I was past the Indianapolis suburbs (heading due west), traffic quieted down and I was able to cover a lot of distance in comfort.  I didn't go quite as far today as on Sunday, but Indianapolis to Crawfordsville is still quite a ways.

I'm glad I decided to give the local KOA a chance, because it turns out the owner gives a hefty discount to bicyclists.  I saw a sign for another campground in town -- county park? -- but didn't investigate.

I arrived early enough in camp (4:00) that I was able to ride back into town and shop for clothes at a thrift store.  I bought a pair of sweatpants and a pair of black slacks, both of which should be very practical.

Total distance: 45.7 mi

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