By Ben |

I got up this morning an hour before dawn and hit the road before the sun had risen, with four hours to travel 25 miles to church.  I just barely made it in time, but the service was worth the trouble.  Leela's classmate Roger Mohr gave an excellent service integrating science and spirituality.  The congregation was as impressed as I was.  They were very welcoming to me and made me think Peoria must be a very friendly place -- dunno if that's true!

Roger and his wife Lisa took me to lunch, and we talked about ecovillages and such.  We went to a cafe called One World with excellent food and coffee.

Afterward I tried to find a library and a bike shop that were open, without much success, but outside a library I met a man named Mark who invited me to camp in his yard.  Turned out to be the yard of his girlfriend's house-in-progress, which has no heat or hot water and no finished rooms, but it beats camping informally; at least I have access to water and a toilet.  I played them some songs on the autoharp, and they offered me a taste of pawpaws with breakfast.  They're both vegans, and Mark dreams of starting a vegan community on some land he owns in Hawaii, but he has no strategy to make it happen.  He's been to an ecovillage training session at The Farm.

total distance: 40.08 mi

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