By Ben |

I was really tired starting out this morning but didn't feel like riding back into town for coffee, so I just headed northwest on quiet roads.  It was one of those days (like yesterday) when time seems to pass more slowly than usual, so although it felt like about 4:00 when I got to Attica, it was only about 1:00.

I spent over an hour at the library looking for additional campgrounds and churches along my route to Peoria, and I found a few.  Then I went to a candy shop I'd read about in a travel brochure.  It wasn't quite as pretentious as the chocolatiers in downtown Ann Arbor, but it was pricier than I had hoped... I miss Candyland!  When I get back to Minneapolis I'll be tempted to go to Candyland and buy one of everything, just to make up for lost time.

My campground for the night is officially in Attica but actually much farther north, closer to Pine Village.  It's much more remote than any campground I've stayed at recently: there's zero traffic noise, only a combine that I hope will stop for the night.  I staked out a spot with good eastern exposure to hasten drying in the morning.

Total distance: 36.72 mi

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