By Ben |

I didn't sleep well last night because a bunch of raccoons -- at least three -- were making a ruckus right outside my tent.  I never heard such noises!  The Dog Dazer was moderately effective at quieting them down for a few minutes at a time.

I was really really tired all day today, but the nearest campground was south of Spring Valley, which in turn is southwest of Xenia.  I originally planned to go northwest from this morning's camp -- all the roads here are diagonal for some reason -- and then follow the bike trails sothwest through Xenia and Spring Valley to the campground.  But as the hours went by faster than the miles, I shortened my route first to cut out most of the bike trail, then to omit Xenia as well.  Too bad; I would have liked to visit a midsized town with a funny name and a bike trail running through it.  Maybe some other time.

Got to the campground and found the proprietor had left for the night.  Without her help to find the "primitive" campsites, I wound up at a site intended for an RV.  This wouldn't be a problem -- it's grassy, unlike the last time this happened -- except that there's a security light pointed right at my tent.  I'm tired enough I think I can sleep through it!

total distance: 49.28 mi

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