By Ben |

Today was not my day... I awoke to find that one of the campground's feral cats had marked my tent as its territory; then the morning air was so humid that even after an hour of "drying" I had to put the tent away wet.  When I tried to get on the bike path as shown on the map, I found that the trail entrance had been closed to bike traffic and had to ride about 2 miles to the next entrance.

But the ride along the trail was very nice and peaceful, and that was really the majority of the day.  I picked up a pamphlet in the town of Morrow with lyrics to a song that reminded me of Janmother.

When I got to the end of the trail in the little village of Milford, I tried to ride on a sidewalk that was too narrow and hit a pole with the hub of my left trailer wheel.  I thought at first that the impact had bent the axle, but it just knocked the trailer's truss frame out of square so that the wheels wouldn't turn... a nice policeman bought me a pop while he watched me fix it.

I asked for directions to Bill's neighborhood from the guys in a bike shop in Milford, but the roads they directed me to were extremely hilly and full of traffic with no shoulders.  When I got to the right neighborhood, I took a curb at an angle and my trailer tipped over sideways into the road.  In the dark.

So the trailer needs some work, and the tent needs a thorough airing out, if not a full washing, and I'm not sure how far Bill's hospitality extends.  We'll see...

Total distance: 52.76 mi

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