By Ben |

The road south to Lancaster was pretty uneventful.  I carefully chose a route that several thousand motorists also chose, so I had to deflect onto less-direct side roads, but it was no big deal.

Entering Reynoldsburg (an eastern suburb of Colubus) I saw a banner for the Tomato Festival and decided to stop in, thinking I'd buy some salsa or sauce for Rob and Dully, but the only tomatoes they had were fresh, and I didn't think they'd pack well.  I bought some cinnamon-roasted nuts instead.

I arrived at 320 E Main around 4:00 without giving Rob the advance warning I had promised, but he received me gracefully.  We went to Dully's for cocktails and then to their new favorite restaurant (their old favorite having closed) for dinner.  Both are as sharp and interesting as ever, but both seem a little tired of the status quo.

I was tired when we left Dully's after dinner, but Rob offered dessert and we stayed up talking for an additional hour or two.

total distance: 40.38 mi

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