To Sudbury, ON

Submitted by Ben on Wed, 06/08/2005 - 12:27

There was a brief rainshower this morning, and I expected it to return all day, but it never did.  I stopped at a restaurant for a second breakfast and was glad I did, since there were no more restaurants when I was ready for lunch.

I stopped to talk to another bike tourist, a young man named Joe who left Victoria, BC a month ago and is headed for the "maritimes" (the east-coast provinces).  We commiserated about having to ride highway 17, and he said he was really worried about getting into Ottawa and Montreal, since his maps showed the highways becoming freeways.  So I pulled out my local maps and showed him how to ride the bike paths all the way into and out of each city.  I had been planning to keep those maps as souvenirs, but he can make better use of them.

He, in return, warned me that there's noplace to camp in Sudbury, and motel rooms are scarce due to seasonal labor.  I counted myself lucky to find a nonsmoking suite for $95.  By US standards that's a steal ($60), but I got three nights in Montreal for the same price!