To Whitehall, NY

Submitted by Ben on Fri, 05/20/2005 - 15:31

I swear the sun rose earlier this morning up on the plateau... I woke at 5:30 and completed the day's 50-mile ride by 3:30.

The Hudson River and I finally parted ways at the town of Hudson Falls; I followed the connecting Lake Champlain Canal the rest of the way to Whitehall.

I was getting nervous about crossing the mountains tomorrow, so I gave away about two pounds of clothes to some folks who were having a garage sale.  I shouldn't need so many now that it's summer...

In Fort Ann I met a cyclist named Richard coming the other way.  He said he's been on the road for 12 years and hasn't paid to camp in 10... he knows the northeast in detail and knows where he can camp without disturbing anyone.  His trailer is custom-built with a heavy steel frame carrying an even heavier load -- a huge solar panel charging a car battery and an inverter so he can use appliances.  No motor on the bike, though; he rides a mountain bike (here in the mountains) for the low gearing.  He says he lives on about $20 a day from his disability check... Who says the fun and games have to stop when you lose an eye?

For my part, I got a hotel in Whitehall, and they gave me a discount for arriving by bicycle.

49.3 mi