"...of Which We Are a Part"

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Presented by Ben Stallings at the Unitarian Universalist Church of Bartlesville, Oklahoma, October 31, 2004

This church service is offered online in the hopes that you may find it useful. If you perform or reprint it, please let me know. Hymn and reading numbers are from Singing the Living Tradition. Rather than reprint these documents here, I have linked to other sites that quote and discuss them.

Demo Breakfast

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This morning we attended a free breakfast at the West Side Community Center, intended to lure voters in for a rousing speech and then a parade to the courthouse for early voting. It looked to me like the event was attended mostly by volunteers with only a few disenfranchised voters, but we had a good time, and it was standing room only, so we could scarcely have handled more people.

Oct 17: Katy Trail State Park

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[posted to the Wheeled Migration Yahoo Group on October 17, 2004]

One of the reasons I gave in my last message for staying an extra day in St. Louis was that there was rain in the forecast, so I planned to spend most of Wednesday indoors. Well, Wednesday turned out to be beautiful; all the rain came Thursday, the day I left town! I had made plans to meet my host, Corey (Malinda's husband) at Waffle House on my way out of town, so I could buy him breakfast. Unfortunately I told him the wrong intersection, so he never found Waffle House and I had to eat without him.

to Jefferson City, MO

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I made a full four-cup pot of coffee this morning and flew down the trail into Jefferson City, arriving early for church.  The first person to talk to me there was Don Love, who had noticed me on the road and thought I might be headed to his church!  He introduced me to a bike dealer and a highway employee among the congregation, who were able to answer my questions about shoulders on US highways I've been eyeing.

to Tebbetts, MO

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Slow going again today, in spite of excellent weather.  I got a late start due to partiers keeping me up late.  Couldn't seem to get fired up until I stopped for coffee at  noon.  Even so, I didn't make it into Jefferson City as I had hoped, but only into Tebbetts.

The trail Web site had indicated a campground here, with Jim's Bar and Grill as the contact.  But Jim recommended I check out the hostel next door instead: just $5 a night to sleep indoors with hot showers, a microwave oven, coffee, etc.  It's fantastic!  What a great find!

Oct 13: Journeys and Destinations

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[posted to the Wheeled Migration Yahoo Group on October 13, 2004]

Hello again. I'm having such a good time in St. Louis that I decided to stay an extra day! That and the weather is a little rainy for riding the (packed-dirt) Katy trail, and I've decided to bypass Kansas City and Lawrence, KS on my way to Oklahoma. Like Madison and Chicago (both of which I bypassed earlier), Kansas City is just a short bus ride from Minneapolis. St. Louis is not. Visiting St. Louis is a rare treat.

to St. Louis, MO

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I had a route all planned out to get me into town today, but I missed my turn.  When I stopped to look at local maps at a gas station, I found that there's a new bridge across the Missouri River that wasn't on my maps, and that I could get there via the Katy Trail.